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Living Light


Paris Townhall


Experience Designer


Event coordinator

Project partners

Laetitia LeGall

Yin Bao

Sun Yijie

Cui Shichang


Hangzhou & Paris



Living Light set inside and on the forefront of Paris' IIIrd district's Townhall

Living Light is a public installation commissioned by the Paris' III district Townhall for the cultural Nuit Blanche 2019 event. 

It is the first collaboration between the Duperré School and the China Academy of Art (C.A.A) and was first prepared in China and finalised in Paris.

By revealing the motifs appearing in the

casted shadows, Living Light offers a suprising vision of our invisible Qi. This circulating life force existing within all living creatures is the basis of Chinese philosophy and medicine. People were invited to interact with the installation and to enjoy what was happening in their own shadow.

Nuit Blanche 2019

My French project partner and I were in charge of designing the visual aspect of the Qi which would be projected in retro lighting on the screen.  

We wanted to create a soothing and meditative experience for the viewer and decided to film luminous motifs projected in water to then project them onto the screen.

Our Chinese partners conceived the set design of the installation which included the choice of the location as well as the material needed (video projectors, light projectors, screens...)

Project prepararation in Paris and Hangzhou

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