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Nourrir la vie


Sihran Djezzar


Product designer

Project partners

Elena Toth

Pauline Fuchs

Marie-Anne Chaperot




Le Regard du Cygne studio, Paris

Nourrir la vie (Nourrishing life)  is a dance and martial arts production choreographed by the martial arts teacher Sirhan Djezzar.

Sirhan called for four designers to create a set-design piece for his show. He needed a sculpture  which would illustrate the show's main theme :

the energy flowing through the human body.

As the product designer for this  project, I was in charge of conceiving the appearence of the structure. Given the link to cosmic energy in the choreographies I got very inspired by the shapes

of astrolabs.

The set-designers and myself worked hand in hand in order to conceive a piece which would come alive with light and shadows, thus enhancing the cosmic aspect of the structure.

The shadows cast by the sculpture onto the dancers therefore become part of the choreography, creating a very immersive and celestial experience for

the public.

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