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About me

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Thanks to my bilingual Franco-Irish background, I have benefited from rich intercultural experiences since childhood.

Never missing a chance to travel and learn, I am continuously seeking out new opportunities to expand my knowledge and understanding of people. Having now lived in five different countries across Europe and Africa, I have gained wonderful insights into the multiple ways people interact and behave around products. This has nourished my appetence for user research and capturing insights to turn them into meaningful design experiences.

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Professional experiences

02. 2022 - to present  |  UI/UX design, Cologne, Germany

Sensity, UI/UX design and consultancy firm

UI/UX Designer

09. 2019 - to present  design consultant, Rabat, Morocco

High Decor, chocolate, and pastry decoration factory

  • Design and monitoring of new products (chocolate decoration)

  • editing of the company’s catalog

  • creation of promotional content (photos, videos, motion graphics...

  • social media manager (Instagram, Facebook).

07. 2018 - 08. 2018  |  graphic design, Paris, France
Fiirmenich, a flavor and fragrance company
Internal communication of the company’s different fragrances


07. 2018 - 08. 2018  |  motion design, Paris, France

Vidéotelling, motion design company

Animation of entertaining and instructive motion videos


01. 2017 - 07. 2017  |  product and experience design, Paris, France
Nourrir la vie (Nourish life), Studio le regard du cygne
Design and deployment of an aerial module for the dance show Nourrir la vie
by Sirhan Djezzar

Collaborations and projects

09. 2022 - 10. 2022  |  SDN Global Conference 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer and videographer of the event

06.2020 - to present

C.O PROD, audiovisual production, France, Scotland, Ireland, Morocco
Laureate of the Créart’Up project incubator & Exhibition at the Paris Townhall cultural festival in November 2021.

The project includes :

  • the creation of short three-minute documentary videos on artists and craftworkers from various countries

  • videography & photography (Canon Rebel ELS1, Fujifilm XT3)

  • video and photo editing

  • social media manager of Instagram account

03. 2019-10. 2019  |  light and spatial design

Workshop with the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

Light and video installation prepared in China and finalized in Paris for the Nuit Blanche 2019.


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Adobe XD

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After Effect

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Premiere Pro

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UI/UX TOSA Certification

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& videography

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09. 2020  -  to present  |  service design

Duperre School of Art

Masters in Service Design

10. 2020 - 12. 2020  |  UX and UI design boot camp

26 Academy

Intensive course aimed a giving a strong core of professional skills

in UX and UI design.

09. 2016  -  06. 2019  |  visual design

Duperre School of Art, Paris
Highly selective three-year degree in product graphic design

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