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Créart'Up festival 2020-21

Meet the Artist was selected out of several hundred applications to partake in the 2020-2021 Créart'Up festival edition!


Créart'Up, Ville de Paris 

Maison des Initiatives Etudiantes 

Hop!prod, Poinçon Paris


Videomaker, photographer,

graphic designer,

content strategist

Project partner

Coline Harlay



Créart'Up festival
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Meet the artist is exhibited !

This cultural event took place on the 26th of November 2021 at the Poinçon Paris center.

During this rich and busy evening, we had the opportunity to exhibit our six videos from the Meet The Artist series. The public could wander through the different exhibition spaces and discover the work of the six contemporary artists we had interviewed.

Workshop with artist Andie Grande

To add more interactivity to our show, we arranged for artist Andie Grande (whom we had interviewed for one of our videos) to hold an interactive art workshop. Audience members were invited to create a patchwork piece from brightly colored vegetable-net residues. Their creation was then attached to all the other patchworks and contributed to the installation at the entrance of the workshop room.