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Social media creative


Decopat and Chocolat & Tradition


Graphic and product designer, photographer, videographer,

set designer, content scheduling


1.5 months

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One of my latest missions for Decopat and Chocolat & Tradition involved the creation of two social media campaigns from scratch.

For both accounts I was in charge of:

  • creating the Instagram and Facebook accounts and linking these accounts to any relevant digital platform needed to promote the campaign 
    (Later, Facebook Creator Studio...)

  • establishing a content release calendar

  • conceiving three months' worth of visual Instagram content (product photography, Instagram videos such as REELs and IGTVs, carousels...)

  • scheduling one month's worth of content which was aired on the 1st of October 2021 for both accounts.


This B-to-B campaign was aimed at promoting the variety of products sold by Decopat.


For the photography part, I decided to emphasize the numerous motifs and shapes present in the company's product offering.

To generate a harmonious Instagram feed, I decided to keep the set design as plain as possible with a white background for all of the

photographed elements.

For the video part, I created a series of light and fun animated REELs and IGTVs (hence the commercial pop music). These contents were a way of furthering the presentation of the products while adding a "Behind the scenes" aspect by showing how some of the products were made (digital design, silkscreening...).